In 2004, the State Public Library and the Florián de Ocampo Institute of Zamoran Studies began the first contacts with writers, Professors, and people close to Claudio Rodríguez’ oeuvre in order to create a Permanent Seminar. From the first moment, Clara Miranda, the poet’s wife, supports and takes part in the Seminar. The first meeting is held in November and its main aim is to contribute to the study and dissemination of his oeuvre as well as to bring together all the publications in a comprehensive way. Claudio Rodríguez’s signature would be used as the Seminar’s logo. The Seminar is sponsored by the Public State Library (the Council of Zamora) and the Florián de Ocampo Institute of Zamoran Studies. its members present it to the media on February 26, 2005. On January 2017, the Claudio Rodríguez Permanent Seminar is established as a non-profit association and new members join the Seminar, whereas the former ones renew their commitment.