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In 1980, the State Public Library in Zamora began to collect printed and audiovisual documents on Claudio Rodríguez. In 2004, the Claudio Rodríguez Permanent Seminar was created with a base in the Public Library. It was agreed to organize an important documentation center on the poet in order to contribute to the study and dissemination of his oeuvre available to researchers, publishers and the general public.

It brings together all his works, anthologies, translations, critical studies, doctoral dissertations, periodicals, prologues, lectures, articles, and all the news published on his work. There are also included audiovisual recordings and a relevant photographic archive.

The most valuable documents were donated in 2012 by Clara Miranda, Claudio Rodríguez’s wife and a member of the Permanent Seminar. We will highlight: the original manuscript of Aventura (Adventure), his posthumous book, his bachelor’s tesis El elemento mágico en las canciones infantiles de corro castellanas (The Magical Element in Castilian Ring-a-Ring o’ Roses Songs), his Literature lessons at the Complutense University as well as original corresponde with writers and editors of the 20th century and original drawings of artists taking part in the Tribute of the Hispanic-Hellenic Association of Madrid, published in Cuadernos de la lechuza, 4, 1987. In 2019, on the occasion of the exhibition De la aurora a la piedra. Claudio Rodríguez. Casi una leyenda, documents were donated by Clara Miranda, Dionisio Cañas, Philip Silver, Cristina Vizcaino, and Antonio Pedrero. On the occasion of the recent de Clara Miranda, on the 5th of March, 2022, her familiy has made another important donation to the Library to fulfill her last wishes.

Through its website, the Library offer information and interlibrary loan services for its holdings and the consultation of the online catalogue.

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