Anthologies and Editions of Selected Poems

Claudio Rodríguez is the poet par excellence among his contemporaries. This judgement, invariably and constantly expressed, is confirmed by his inclusion in all the generational anthologies and compilations. Only he and the poet José Ángel Valente are invariably selected in all of them. Since his most early appearance for the journal Índice in 1955, precisely listed by Valente, he has always been summoned for collective publications without any hesitation. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  Regarding editions of selected poems, they have also been published over the years. Among these, we can highlight the one edited by Philip Silver (Antología poética, Alianza, 1981); Poesías escogidas (Mondadori, 1992) and Antología poética (Espasa-Calpe, 2004), both edited by Ángel Rupérez; Antología personal (Visor, 2000); La voz de Claudio Rodríguez, published by the Students’ Residence, 2003; Alto Jornal, edited by Vicente Gallego (Renacimiento, 2005). After the poet’s death in 1999 –an especially after the creation of the Permanent Seminar Claudio Rodríguez– translations into other languages have been published (French, English, Italian and German). Finally, promoted by the Conferences held on Claudio Rodríguez and Translation (Zamora, December 2006) the title Five Poems was published [with translations into nine languages] by Hiperión, 2007.