Fernando Yubero Ferrero

Fernando Yubero Ferrero (Madrid, 1959 - ), has a Ph.D. in Spanish Philology by the Complutense University of Madrid. He wrote his Doctoral Dissertation about the poetry of Claudio Rodríguez and completed a Master in Spanish Studies at the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail. He has published several books and articles on contemporary Spanish poetry, especially about the poetry of Blas de Otero, José Hierro and Claudio Rodríguez.

He has written a fundamental book, La poesía de Claudio Rodríguez (La construcción del sentido imaginario) (Pre-Textos, 2003) (The Poetry of Claudio Rodríguez: The Construction of the Imaginary Sense). The purpose of this study is to provide an interpretation of the poetic universe of Claudio Rodríguez from the critical perspective of the symbolic hermeneutics, taking light as the main archetype of his poetry. Fernando Yubero bases his approach on the critical assumptions of the so-called “poetry of the imaginary”, formulated by Gilbert Durand in his work Las estructuras antropológicas de lo imaginario: introducción a la arquetipología general (Taurus, 1982) (The Anthropological Structures of the Imaginary: An Introduction to the General Archetypology), together with the proposals of the poetic thought by Gaston Bachelard. From that perspective, Yubero tries to demonstrate how the light-darkness duality and the images that this duality draws (daylight-night, ascension and fall, serenity and anguish, attraction and rejection) vertebrate a poetic oeuvre solid in its foundations while they build a meaning of coherent singularity and unique style. The adventure, not only poetic but also symbolic and real, which in the poetry of Claudio Rodríguez involves a constant illumination that provides access to the meaning and knowledge concealed by reality.