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Alianza y condena

Conjurings (1958). The poems in this collection show a heightened, sacred approach matter from a participatory view of life. They look into the everyday world, the presence of others in it, and the telluric realization of the original light of love.

Conjuros. Torrelavega: Cantalapiedra, 1958, 80 p., (Cantalapiedra, 14).

- 2ª ed., Barcelona, Taifa, 1985, 76 p., (Poesía, 1;14).
- Edition and introduction by Luciano García Lorenzo, illustrated by artists from Zamora, Zamora, Diputación Provincial, 1988, 158 p.
- Valladolid, Junta de Castilla y León, 2006, 80 p., (Castile and León Literature Award).
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- Don de la ebriedad. Conjuros, edited by Luis García Jambrina, Madrid, Castalia, 1998, 193 p., (Clásicos Castalia, 239).


Stop breathing and let the earth
breathe you, let it burn you in its marvellous
lungs! However many
people look, will they not see in the seasons
a trace as of air that inspires?
Death would be natural here.
It would not be taken into account
like light, like space, Death
just by breathing! I wish it were the day
now and I would fall senseless
in these fields, and I would breathe
deep like these trees, soundlessly.
That’s why morning is still a flight
growing high over
the hills, and a thrust at ground level
that before it pours out and assumes
form, is already a furrow for the new grain.
Oh, my dwelling. What watering of the soul
this, with which I give my life and gain
so many beautiful lives. Be calm
all you who breathe me, men and things.
I am yours. You are also mine.
How roses increase
their youth on surrendering. Open yourselves
to everything! The hay bursts in spring,
the pine tree gives health with its strong odour.
What a host that of breath, what a way
of creating, what a clear workshop of death!
I don’t know how I have lived
until now or in what body I have felt
but something lifts me to the pure day,
conveys an immense heart to me,
like that of the plateau, and my conjuring
is that of the air, tense
with the breathing of the country swollen
very close to my soul in the moment
when I place my life
on the ravenous passage of whichever breath.

Translated by Luis Ingelmo and Michael Smith, Collected Poems / Poesía Completa 1953-1991. Exeter. Shearsman Books, 2008.